Welcome to the website for the laboratory of Dr. Nilesh Gaikwad at the University of California, Davis.  In humans many physiological processes are controlled by steroids, including reproduction, cardiovascular health and neurological functions. Although steroids play a broad and vital role in human physiology, they are also implicated in the development and/or progression of many diseases, such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, endometrial cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, osteoporosis, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Present evidence shows the involvement of many steroids such as estrogens, testosterone, bile acids, oxysterols, etc. in carcinogenic processes. Gathering evidence suggests that oxidative metabolism of steroids can cause cancer, neurodegenerative and other diseases. Given this, the overall objective of lab research is to develop tandem mass spectrometry based metabolomics platform and explore various steroid metabolic pathways in humans. We are also exploring steroid metabolic signatures in various models to develop biomarkers for early detection of cancers, neurological diseases and to study disease mechanisms. In addition, one of the major goals of our lab is to study diet/food component(s) which alter the course of steroid metabolic pathways that are responsible for diseases. We are also interested in elucidating mechanisms of action of  toxins that can alter steroid metabolic pathways.